Your treasures deserve the perfect moving company to look after them and with so many Melbourne removalist companies to choose from, you may need a little help in finding the right one. Firstly, they have to have local knowledge—they should know the Melbourne area like the back of their hand. Secondly, they have to be willing to get the job done properly, no matter what – even if your moving day happens to be right in the middle of a typical, tempestuous Melbourne day.


So, if you’re having trouble sorting the wheat from the chaff when it comes to moving companies, keep these tips in mind. You’ll have the perfect moving company on board in no time.


External Accreditation

Any company can say that their employees are well trained and they’ve got the expertise required to keep you and your valuables safe. Instead of just believing the marketing-speak on their website, seek proof. Check their external accreditations or proof that a third party has tested their methodology. ISO, FAIM, FIDI and AFRA certifications are the hallmarks of excellence within the removals industry.


Nothing Beats Experience

If a moving company has been around for a long time, then it’s a clear sign that they’re doing something right. You may be impressed by the new kids on the block (and all their bells and whistles) but, at the end of the day, nothing beats experience. Always opt for the company that’s been doing it the longest.



The perfect moving company will be professional. That means their staff will be well trained, they will be wearing uniforms, the truck they drive will have a logo on the side, and they will have strong company policies to which all employees are expected to adhere.


Check Reviews

Sites like WOMO, Google+, True Local and Facebook will give you an idea of how the moving companies that you’ve shortlisted have performed in the past. If other locals have good things to say about your chosen company you can rest easy.


Ask For A Home Visit

The only way you can get an accurate quote is if the company comes out to your home and checks the volume of the goods you need to move. The perfect company will not only offer to do this, they’ll do it for free.


Sound Insurance Policies

Don’t even bother considering a company until you’ve enquired about their insurance options. A good removal company will understand that things can go wrong and they’ll ensure their customers are covered if the worst does happen.


Fair Cancellation Policy

The perfect moving company will understand that things change and they change quickly. So, they will have a cancellation policy in place that takes this into account. They won’t hold you accountable for things that are simply out of your control.


Full Suite of Services

There are different levels of service when it comes to moving companies. Some moving companies will just give you a truck and a couple of removalists and that’s it. If you require something a little more comprehensive than that, ask if they offer things like a packing service or secure storage—that way you’ve got the freedom to ask for a little more if you need it.