Moving house is a challenge. Throw young children into the mix, and the turmoil only intensifies. It’s not impossible to move house with children (plenty of families undertake the task each and every year), you may need to have few tips and tricks up your sleeve, just to ensure that your little ones don’t derail your move.


With over 70-years of experience in moving families Kent Removals and Storage knows how to get everyone on the same page. Here are their tips for keeping the kids on side come moving day.


Maintain The Routine

Kids can be resistant to change and you may find that they aren’t as happy about the house move as you are. To make your move easier, try and keep the rest of your kids’ routines as similar as possible. That means planning the move to ensure they don’t miss out on too many days at school, extracurricular activities or that all-important time with friends.


It Takes Time

It is extremely important to remember that kids will increase your moving time. Not only do they have oodles of possessions (just think of all the toys, and books and clothes) that they cannot pack for themselves, they will also slow down the entire packing process. You can just about be guaranteed that they’ll want to examine, play with and talk about every object before it goes in a moving box. To combat this, you must allow yourself more time to pack and move than you would if you didn’t have kids. As a general rule, you should double your preparation and packing time for each child in your family.


Tour Your New Area

The best way to help your kids acclimatise to their new home is to take them to visit the new area. This is especially important if you’re moving interstate, or moving overseas. You can do things like show them their new school, as well as all the places they’ll be able to enjoy, like local parks and beaches.


Don’t Panic

If you’re stressed, then the kids will be stressed. So, while it might easier said than done, try set your stress aside as much as possible. Kids really do take cues from adults so make sure you demonstrate the types of behaviours that you want from them. If you’re starting to feel a bit manic, just refer back to your moving house checklist, and calmly work through each job.


Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

Moving day is not the day to be a strict parent. It’s a day where you should let the kids get away with the small things so you can focus on the bigger picture. So, let them play on the iPad for as long as they like and if they want lollies for lunch, why not give in this one time? Moving day is not the day to be too strict—you can go back to being a parent again once it’s all over.


Let Them Help

Kids actually love responsibility and you’ll be surprised at how they respond to a few small jobs. So, give them some small tasks to do. Maybe ask them to pack one box (make it something easy and unbreakable like stuffed toys). This job will make them feel as though they’re apart of the day, it will keep them busy, and it will allow you to focus on getting the big things done.


Do Some Things in Secret

Kids have a lot of stuff and when you’re packing up you’ll probably come across things that they haven’t used or worn in a while. It’s a good idea to sell or donate these items. But, take it from us, you don’t want to involve your children in this process. If you do, chances are you may have to fight over every single item and the process will take a lot longer than it needs to. Instead, complete the clean-out in secret. Your kids probably won’t even notice the missing items and the process will be easier for everyone involved.


A Babysitter Helps

While all the tips and tricks above will help, the best tip of all is to find a babysitter. Even if someone can help for just a portion of moving day, it will make your life a lot easier. Just remember to start ringing around nice and early so you aren’t caught out on the big day.