Nicholas Scott Real Estate has a proud history of ethical practices across Western Melbourne that dates back to 1951 when ‘George & Company Real Estate’ first opened its doors to the Yarraville community.

Being one of Yarraville’s very first agencies, the business was formed on a foundation of ethics and standards, in a time when a person’s handshake would be the guarantee on a transaction.

In 1987 Nicholas Skapoulas joined the company under one of the very first Real Estate Institute of Victoria Apprenticeships. Working his way up the company ranks, Nicholas became the owner and Director in 1997 and rebranded George & Company as ‘Nicholas Scott Real Estate’.

Nicholas Scott Real Estate continues to deliver outstanding services to buyers, sellers and landlords in the same manor that its predecessor did: through ethical and transparent practices.

As one of Yarraville and Western Melbourne’s premier Real Estate agencies, Nicholas Scott Real Estate approach the market with a unique and proven method for delivering the best possible result across the board.